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Your plan is worthless without The Impulse

15 Aug 2006 by @ahtik

I've never before experienced how important is impulse on any kind of plan execution. I might have a perfect plan and it's like an engine. And that's it!

Having an impulse to start something is like a starter that puts your engine running.

How many times have you thought that "this is the last time I'm going to tolerate this" or "next time it happens again then I'll do this" or "now that's it, I'll do it"! You are always waiting for such impulses to execute your plans. Subconsciously you're trying to find out your impulse instead of just doing whatever you planned at the first place. This kind of subconscious reasoning is often not working as it encourages you not to take action now but somewhere in future.

Any kind of calculated plan is useless until you find the impulse to unleash the power behind plan. What's most surprising is that the impulse is not often tightly related to your plan. It just attacks you from an unexpected angle.

What I learnt from this is that whenever there is a plan to execute you can always try to find an impulse to give it a real kick.

You can always start your plans without impulse but then you'll never have that much power and energy compared to having a real event that forces you to take action.

May the Force be with you!

UPDATE! This post is not motivated by having trouble with always postponing the plans :) Quite opposite but more details later!

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