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Using Glassfish Eclipse Bundle for JavaDB, JPA and JSP

09 Apr 2009 by @ahtik

Have you ever wondered how quickly one could get from installing a J2EE server to running a JSP page that fetches data from DB using modern persistency technology like JPA?

To find out we (me and Ivar) did a little test-drive using recently announced Glassfish Eclipse Bundle that contains Eclipse IDE with bundled Glassfish J2EE server, optionally JDK and a lot of integrated plugins to get you started quickly.

After cutting out all the downloading, startup etc delays we ended up with a surprisingly short 10min demonstration! It was interesting that we barely wrote any code or XML -- see for yourself! Tricky part was initial setup to get all the jars and configurations right -- must be followed pretty much the same sequence as in the video!

Ok, here it comes, have fun :) Probably adding a few annotations and audio would help?



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