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Summer of Code: writing PHP plugins

23 Aug 2007 by @ahtik

Toomas finished the official part of the google summer of code program. It was an honor to be the mentor and I had/still have a lot of fun with him.

Grab The PHP writing plugin for Eclipse from the update site and check it out if it works for you!

Sorry, but java6 and eclipse 3.3 only! (jsr-223 scripting engine starts from java 6)

Quercus GPL-licensed PHP Fragment is not mandatory - the plugin supports also javascript (and possibly all JSR223 scripting engines).

Have fun and let him know if you find some cool usage for it. Commenting at his blog is a good start.
I had to disable comments at my blog :(

A cool feature would be to write a small snippet that sends selected text to some rafb/etc pastebin and prints the url to the eclipse console view.

@ahtik is on twitter!