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P2 fun: Failed to prepare partial IU

By Ahti Kitsik, 18 Nov 2008

I got this while trying to install new version of subclipse on top of eclipse rcp edition of ganymede release. Running eclipse with -clean didn't help.

!ENTRY org.eclipse.equinox.p2.engine 4 4 2008-11-18 13:17:31.218
!MESSAGE An error occurred during provisioning.
!SUBENTRY 1 org.eclipse.equinox.p2.touchpoint.eclipse 4 0 2008-11-18 13:17:31.218
!MESSAGE Failed to prepare partial IU: [R]org.tigris.subversion.clientadapter.javahl 1.5.4.

Then I thought - what the heck, not going to reinstall - and tried to update whole eclipse with P2. Worked nicely, all updated.

After that also installing full subclipse worked again, at least without errors.

BUT just installation. It didn't actually work -- it shows up as installed plugin in P2 manager -- but not visible in Help->About->Plugin Details. Workspace .log is clean.

So, new eclipse re-install, here I come :(

This all probably started because I first tried to upgrade from older subclipse to 1.4.6 using p2 update manager. Usually I've been just reinstalling manually.

And I'm not even sure if it's a P2 or subclipse update site issue. Some P2 internal cache trees maybe got screwed that -clean couldn't reach.

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