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No music, no e-books

03 Aug 2006 by @ahtik

I can't buy e-books from amazon.com because I live outside of U.S.

I can't buy monthly subscription to listen full-quality launchcast radio because I live outside of U.S. and U.K.

What is my option? CD-store?
I'm willing to pay $5/mo to listen as much and whatever I want. Fair enough, in average I would buy one $15 CD after every three months and distributing music online is so much easier (and less expensive). The amount of music I consume is not relevant.

Why do these services encourage non-U.S. customers to use illegal intellectual property? (they do)

What good do they get by prohibiting some countries from paying money while still allowing access to samples and low-quality music?

At least one can download oracle developer version for free in case you agree that you are not going to use it to create weapons of mass-destruction. Good enough :)

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