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No Big Silence - time to start up

25 Sep 2006 by @ahtik

Dear Reader, there is a reason. Good Reason. For the one month inactivity at my blog.

Even then it was still a pleasure to serve everyone who came to this blog from google searching for eclipse word wrap, netbeans word wrap, junit transactions etc etc :)

A bit less interesting pleasure has been to constantly remove spam comments which have been more than hundred in one month.

Let's get to the point

After working for one of the most innovative software companies in Estonia - Aqris Software, I’ve decided to pursue my next dream - to start a company, work as an independent contractor and build great software products.

My new baby is called Codehoop. No homepage yet, too busy with other errands.

I planned to have a three-week vacation after quiting from my last job. (Un)fortunately I already managed to get my first superior customer (from Silicon Valley : P) so I didn't hesitate to wait.

This blog is getting it's first post 2 weeks earlier than planned.

What's next?

As a result of this, my AhtiK Ventures blog is going under reconstruction. Refactored categories and hopefully more posts.

The first tutorial idea is to make very quick and compact roadmap tutorial for using together Spring2, Hibernate3 with Annotations, Java5, Maven2 and junit4.

The problem I have noticed is that the first move to these tools has been great.

People quickly grasped the features and started to use spring, hibernate2, java1.4, maven and junit3.

For me it looks that new versions of these libraries are not adobted as fast as they deserve.

It would be great to have a little introduction how to tie together new versions from all these ingredients.

Stay tuned if you are interested :)

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