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New Feature: Whitespace color/alpha blending (transparency)

29 Jan 2007 by @ahtik

Eclipse 3.3M4 introduced a cool feature called "Show invisible whitespace characters" (see 3.3M4 News). Unfortunately some of us find it a bit too visible.

Let's make Eclipse a better place to live, right? I have created a patch that makes the visibility configurable via preferences page:

Continue reading to download this feature (three patched plugins for Eclipse 3.3M4).

Instructions for patching your Eclipse 3.3M4.

The enhancement with the patch is registered as bugzilla item #172076.
If you wanna play safe then wait for 3.3M5 or 3.4x to get this included (it might never happen).
Another option is to patch your little 3.3M4ish beauty by yourself. Do this:

  1. Exit Eclipse
  2. Backup and remove following files from ECLIPSE_ROOT/plugins:
  3. Download following files into the same directory (ECLIPSE_ROOT/plugins):
  4. Start Eclipse and check for the fine-tuned "Text Editors" preference page.

Have fun :)

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