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LiveValidator for ajaxified springframework

28 May 2006 by @ahtik

LiveValidator allows developers to turn their existing Validators into web2.0 ajax validators.

Simply implement LiveValidator interface for any Validator implementation you want to ajaxify. That's it! Now your web-application is automatically validating user input using ajax and displaying any error message in a traditional spring:bind tags.

From where can I download LiveValidator extension for SpringFramework?

Nowhere. I don't have time to implement this, feel free to do it, give credit where credit is due and let me know where we can download it :)

So far I believe the idea is feasible and you can be 100% sure that developers will adopt it easily (come on, all it takes is to add "implements LiveValidator" to your validator class!).

Feel free to add comment if you're starting this or you would like to share ideas about it!

PS! My blog is relatively new, has around 30-50 unique daily visitors. Which is pretty good for a start!

To be honest with you, I'm working on a goal to become highly popular site for idea-sharing and I need your help:
If there are ideas or posts that you like then please quote me in your blog (using a trackback won't harm either). I highly appreciate it!

UPDATE: A friend of mine pointed out AMIS Technology blog where sample of ajax+spring validation is presented. Very good start for a LiveValidator-like technology.

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