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Improving process by avoiding decision-making

29 May 2006 by @ahtik

What is a straightforward set of actions that lead to superior code or any other result? Keep number of decisions low.

I didn't think this way until now but it really makes sense. So the goal is not to become superior decision-maker but to move to the next level: zero-decision policy. It's like a concept from TQM (Total Quality Management) - Zero-Defect goal. Taken to extreme.

You know that decisions can be wrong - when deciding between two alternatives there is a 50% chance that you picked the wrong one.

How to find decisions that can be avoided? I think it's about habits and sharing. Just re-think every time you are deciding something critical and instead of being happy to solve it - organize and write it down - share.

It is said that making habits is easy - just do it 21 times and it becomes one. Have fun! :)

Now it's time to give credit where credit is due: I got the initial push from Creating Passionate Users blog. Thanks Dan!

Getting someone to decide: "You already know users need really clear direction. It also really, really helps if they have something to guide them in the completion of the task. A cheat sheet is great, especially if it’s in the language of the user and helps them satisfy a need they acknowledge. Keep them short and task-specific."

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