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Have a mark, have a Trademark®

09 Aug 2006 by @ahtik

Protecting the name of your software is not that expensive as you might think.

Quoting http://www.patentpending.com/tmark.html
"Cost on a simple application is $875 including the $325 U.S. Patent Office fee. Your only other cost will occur about six to nine months later if we have to amend your application due to a request for an amendment or office action from the Patent Office. "

It remains unclear wether it's a one state, U.S. or includes international registration. Any ideas?

The actual search for pricing of ® is inspired by Guy Kawasaki blog entry where he encourages and clears up issues surrounding trademarks in software development.

Protecting your trademark will always be a choice but if your stakes are high or just trying to get additional VC funding then protecting your trademark should be worth the money.

Think how valuable is Porsche®, literally :)

I'm not urging you to protect every .com domain you have :D
Btw, how many .com domains do YOU have?

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