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Fixing Eclipse Mylar jira integration

By Ahti Kitsik, 11 May 2006

Be aware that when adding new jira source to Mylar with HTTPS protocol then you MIGHT get error saying host not found or wrong username&password.

The reason for this could be missing certificate in your trusted keystore.

Here's how to fix it:

  1. Run: openssl s_client -connect your.secured.host.com:https
  2. Copy-paste certificate from previous output to text-file (for example /tmp/key2trust.pem).
    Be sure to include BEGIN and END CERTIFICATE rows!!
  3. Run: keytool -import -alias your.secured.host.com -keystore
    /home/ahtik/.eclipsekeystore -file /tmp/key2trust.pem
  4. Edit eclipse.ini in eclipse home dir to have -Djavax.net.ssl.trustStore=/home/ahtik/.eclipsekeystore
  5. Start Eclipse and be sure to run with Java 5!
  6. Let me now if it didn't help.

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