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Fix for Eclipse Word Wrap plugin - version 0.0.2 released

By Ahti Kitsik, 21 Jun 2006

Everyone who had problems with word wrap plugin ("The chosen operation is not currently available") please update/install this new version. If you did not have any problem then update is not neccessary. Continue reading to get installation instructions.

Please use your eclipse update manager to update word wrap plugin to version 0.0.2.

Upgraders! Because of a problem with the first release your eclipse can't find update for this plugin automatically. You have to search for new features and install new version from there! Old version is disabled automatically after restart and you are free to uninstall it, if you want.

Use this update manager url in eclipse: http://ahtik.com/eclipse-update/

For more detailed review and installation instructions please see this forum entry.

Happy wrapping and don't forget about the feedback!

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