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Ericsson comes out with the Android phone - mid-2009

10 Dec 2008 by @ahtik

According to http://www.ericsson.com/ericsson/press/releases/20081209-1276213.shtml Ericsson joined Open Handset Alliance. Yei!

This means Ericsson ongoing support for open source and more importantly Google-backed Android platform.

Ericsson will be offering Android-based phones mid-2009. Excellent news! I'm glad to see strong phone manufacturer joining the Alliance. As I understand, currently only Nokia and RIM (blackberrry) from the "big players list" are missing from the alliance.

To come up with some speculations -- Ericsson might try to base new phone on X1/Experia that runs with Windows Mobile and first reviews claim it to have slow user interface.

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