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Real men use nightly builds - how to update your release-candidate or milestone Eclipse?

30 May 2006 by @ahtik

Are you having problems with updating your milestone or release-candidate eclipse? Are you always downloading full new package and unziping? Continue reading to find out how this can be solved simply by introducing less-known update site for integration build updates.

I've seen this, I've done that - whenever new eclipse milestone or RC comes out I'll download and unpack eclipse full package and reinstall plugins.

Next step in my evolution was to discover plugin extensionpoints: feature to keep my own installed plugins separately from eclipse. This worked fine, almost. It crashed my wst plugins several times, not known why (version incompatibility?). And I still had to download full new eclipse and unpack.

While doing this I'll always swear that eclipse doesn't have proper update mechanism for rc and milestones.

And you know what?
Better use http://download.eclipse.org/eclipse/testUpdates as your download site and you'll always have latest integration build of eclipse! Pay attention - it might not yet be a release candidate or milestone!

To quote eclipse build info page:

Stable Builds
Stable builds are integration builds that have been found to be stable enough for most people to use. They are promoted from integration build to stable build by the architecture team after they have been used for a few days and deemed reasonably stable. The latest stable build is the right build for people who want to stay up to date with what is going on in the latest development stream, and don't mind putting up with a few problems n in order to get the latest greatest features and bug fixes. The latest stable build is the one the development team likes people to be using, because of the valuable and timely feedback.

Integration Builds
Periodically, component teams version off their work in what they believe is a stable, consistent state, and they update the build configuration to indicate that the next integration build should take this version of the component. Integration builds are built from these stable component versions that have been specified by each component team as the best version available. Integration builds may be promoted to stable builds after a few days of testing. Integration builds are built whenever new stable component versions are released into the build.

Take your shot and use integration build instead of milestone or release candidate!

Did you knew it? Is there an update site for Release Builds?

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