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Eclipse 3.3M5 is not working out of the box with Gentoo

By Ahti Kitsik, 11 Feb 2007

At least not for me and at least not out of box using package from download.eclipse.org: eclipse-SDK-3.3M5-linux-gtk :)

ahti@ahtuxhome /opt/eclipse-SDK-3.3M5 $ ./eclipse
* run-java-tool is not available for sun-jdk-1.6 on i686
* IMPORTANT: some Java tools are not available on some VMs on some architectures

This problem is with any JRE and nichoj from #gentoo-java seems to have a pretty good explanation:
"At some point, it must be trying to be smart, and figure out what /usr/bin/java points to, and trying to invoke that. Which does point to run-java-tool,but that shouldn't be invoked directly."

To run your gentoo box with the latest and most amazing milestone ever please cajole your gentoo-beauty with following:

./eclipse -vm $(java-config --java)

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