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Eclipse 3.3M5 is not working out of the box with Gentoo

11 Feb 2007 by @ahtik

At least not for me and at least not out of box using package from download.eclipse.org: eclipse-SDK-3.3M5-linux-gtk :)

ahti@ahtuxhome /opt/eclipse-SDK-3.3M5 $ ./eclipse
* run-java-tool is not available for sun-jdk-1.6 on i686
* IMPORTANT: some Java tools are not available on some VMs on some architectures

This problem is with any JRE and nichoj from #gentoo-java seems to have a pretty good explanation:
"At some point, it must be trying to be smart, and figure out what /usr/bin/java points to, and trying to invoke that. Which does point to run-java-tool,but that shouldn't be invoked directly."

To run your gentoo box with the latest and most amazing milestone ever please cajole your gentoo-beauty with following:

./eclipse -vm $(java-config --java)

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