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Configuring Eclipse SVN (Subclipse) to use JavaHL(JNI)

10 Jan 2008 by @ahtik

Configuring JavaHL for Eclipse is not as straightforward as it could be so posting a quick HOWTO. Following applies mostly to Linux users.

With Ubuntu the fool-proof steps are:

  1. Make sure libsvn-java, subversion and libsvn1 packages are installed
  2. Add following to the end of your eclipse.ini file: -Djava.library.path=/usr/lib/jni
  3. Restart eclipse and make sure JavaHL is selected under Window->Preferences->Team->SVN

By using JavaHL it gets more likely that your svn repo doesn't get screwed up when using both command-line/shell and subclipse for svn.

Configuring Eclipse to use native SVN client - JavaHL

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