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Bridging the Gap and Ready for Prime Time

29 May 2007 by @ahtik

A friend of mine visited JavaOne. Hmm, not surprising. But it was really surprising to see what has happened with Eclipse.

According to his visual estimates, 80% of apps presented were built on Eclipse, very very few on Netbeans.

One of the speakers was asked about the best IDE - no one dared to ask this 5 years old question but I'm very glad someone did this because the answer was brilliant:

Eclipse is the best Platform, IDEA is the best IDE, Netbeans is best for high school students to learn programming.

I had a good laugh when heard the story, you couldn't be more precise (although for me Eclipse also wins the best IDE award).

After getting serious and thinking about the issue of being the Best Platform, it is clear that Eclipse also needs to target the features that are needed to BUILD stuff on a platform and where Netbeans is without doubt the market-leader:

I believe that these two areas are the last important steps of becoming ready for Prime Time:

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