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BPMN2 Modeler gets Indigo support

13 Sep 2011 by @ahtik

I'm happy to announce the availability of BPMN2 Modeler update site supporting Indigo!

Update site URL: http://codehoop.com/bpmn2/

It's an update site, not a website! See https://github.com/imeikas/BPMN2-Editor-for-Eclipse/wiki for the website.

In addition to fixing the code to support Indigo, also Graphiti framework was upgraded from 0.7.0 to 0.8.0. Update includes a few other minor tweaks, nothing major.

About project future and hosting

As some of you might know BPMN2 Modeler proposal got accepted as an eclipse.org project, named soa.bpmn2-modeler (yay!!!), so the migration is already on the way. But until that gets finished the latest update site will remain available at http://codehoop.com/bpmn2/. Github repo will become inactive as the git.eclipse.org gets up to full speed.

Please note that while Eclipse BPMN2 Modeler offers one of the most complete BPMN2.0 modeling support in the industry, it's still a prototype and is not recommended for production use!

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