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BPMN2.0 Editor for Eclipse now available

07 Mar 2011 by @ahtik

Soon to be released jBPM5.1 is getting a new addition to its product suite - visual editor for the BPMN2 language. This was somewhat inevitable as the jBPM workflow engine moves to BPMN2.0 with the version 5 and hacking together xml files without visual guidance can be.. hmm.. less fun.

For a quick background, BPMN (Business Process Modeling Notation) is the leading standard for business process modeling managed by the OMG. A new version called BPMN2.0 (released January 2011) brings numerous changes to the table, most importantly increasing the consistency and integrating orchestration and choreography in a way that makes BPMN 2.0 a great choice for business process engines.

Over the past few months we've been very excited to work on a new BPMN2.0 Visual Editor for Eclipse. It is free and open source, hosted at github. This github repo is a temporary place and will find a new home soon.

BPMN2 Editor is built on top of the awesome Graphiti modeling framework and behind the scenes uses BPMN2 EMF metamodel.

For more details check out the more detailed post about the BPMN2.0 visual editor by Kris from jBPM.

Check it out, have fun, contribute, report issues and bear in mind that it's still beta and actively developed ; )

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