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Axiom 61 2nd gen knobs and Studio One v2

By Ahti Kitsik, 20 Oct 2013

Now this is not exactly a regular theme for this blog but for the sake of sharing know-how and tips for The Internet...

Studio One is an awesome workstation for creating music and Axiom 61 is a somewhat decent MIDI keyboard. Now the challenge is to get these two to work together because the control surfaces in M-Audio Axiom models use Direct Link technology. Direct Link is somewhat proprietary and Studio One is not able to work with it so it falls back to regular MIDI commands. The 2nd generation of Axiom keyboard knobs do not seem to work with the MIDI profile that comes with Studio One so here's a quick way to tweak the system and get it working.

The core of the issue: knobs (also called endless encoders) are working as relative MIDI commands and are not properly recognized by Studio One Axiom keyboard profile.

To get it fixed: First make sure you have selected Patch 19 (not that important but that's the suggestion from Studio One guide). Then:

Reconfigure Axiom MIDI commands for the knobs (E1..E8)

  1. Rotate knob;
  2. Press Edit;
  3. Press "Data 2" (at the piano roll);
  4. Enter "17" for the 1st knob using the right side of the piano roll;
  5. Press Enter to save (Enter is also at the right side of the piano roll).

Repeat the process for all 8 knobs while using "18" instead of "17" for 2nd button and so on.

Tweak Studio One Axiom profile

Find Studio One installation directory and navigate to devices/M-Audio/Axiom directory. First make a backup of file Axiom.surface and then edit it as:

  1. Look for "encoder[0]", "encoder[1]" elements and replace the title B1..7 with E1..7 (this is just a cosmetic change);
  2. Replace #66 of encoder[0] with #11, encoder[1] #67 with #12 and so on.
    Please note that numbers #11 etc are Hex numbers so the original list goes from ..68, 69, 6A, 6B etc. For #11 the list progresses as a regular Decimals as the last item is #18.

Let me know if there's any better way.

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