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All time best usability - know your Nokia Phone Model Number

By Ahti Kitsik, 17 Apr 2007

Why blondes never buy Kia? 'cause they have Nokia.

How many engineers you need to find out your Nokia phone model number?

To find out that I own Nokia E61 I had to:

And yeah, My Model Number is just right there - hidden under battery and unaccessible without powering it off.
Is it really that confidential? Not important anymore?

Isn't the whole business of Nokia to ship same hardware with differently shaped models. Isn't most of the marketing budget spent on visual branding connecting it with the worst of all times brand names like 5110, 6110, 7110, 7210, 7210i, 7232, 1232, 6539, 2252, 7174, 5343, 6465i, E51, E52, E61, N61, N72?
Now that I have powered off my phone... What was my PIN code? :-D

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